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Outfit – Something’s different.


That something, in case you didn’t notice, is that i’m now a blonde. Yes, it’s a drastic change for me, I’ve never been blonde longer then 24 hours before. I’ve not had a ‘normal’ colour in, well, a very long time. Whilst I was away, the sea water stripped out my colour pretty fast and left my hair blonde with a green tinge, I had a lot of people telling me they liked it, so I actually booked myself into the hairdressers, and got a balayage blonde colour done. It will take me a while to get used to it, but I am loving it.


I didn’t wear this outfit out, I just wanted to play around with an outfit. With this hair colour opens up a whole new range of clothing colour options. You know how you figure out an outfit you think would be amazing in your head, but then try it on and feel a bit ‘eh’. This is one of them. I’m not sure what it is I’m not sure of, I think maybe the skirt looks a bit to plastic-y, or the fact i’m not wearing a bra. I’m usually always wear bras, but I got sunburnt on my chest and my bra had been rubbing, so crop top it is. I thought i’d show off the outfit anyway.

The socks are from sock dreams. I remember nearly buying them years ago, but not having the money. Thigh high socks that will fit my thighs, yes please! I ordered them before I went away and they had arrived by the time I got home. They fit wonderfully, and when you put them on the right way (not inside out) they seem to stay up great. I’ve yet to put them to a full day test.


Blonde! And yes, I do have a slight tan!

Top – Target | Crop top – Kmart | Skirt – New Look | Belt – ASOS Curve
Socks – Sock Dreams | Shoes – Spurr via The Iconic


Sorry about the grass! The weather has been super rainy in Sydney and it seems the grass is growing at a super fast rate. While I LOVE these shoes so much, they are killers. I can walk in chunky heels, but these babies are steep.


 So, whats your verdict on the blonde hair!?