Outfit – Fantastic Florals


So I mentioned in the most recent Aussie Curves post about learning to accept my VBO. This is another ASOS dress, similar style to the one I wore in the Aussie Curves post. I didn’t wear this dress out, I put it on to try and figure out a way I could style it, and figured I’d take some photos of it ‘as is’.


I have to walk through my parents house to get to the backyard to take the photos, and Mum commented about not being sure if she liked the dress on me. I think for me to wear it out confidently, I’d have to style it a different way, add something over the top. That, or wear some really good spanx. But that is me, I hope one day I can walk out of the house wearing a dress like this and not worry about being commented on.


The dress feels so comfortable on, though it seems to be a different material to THIS dress (which I also own). It’s a little tighter and sturdier, instead of slinkier. The sleeves are rather long on this one too, which doesn’t really bother me. I bought each of the dresses in a size 22.


Dress – ASOS | Earrings – Diva | Shoes – ? I don’t remember, i’ve had them around 8 years now!


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