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Outfit – Fantastic Florals

February 22, 2013


So I mentioned in the most recent Aussie Curves post about learning to accept my VBO. This is another ASOS dress, similar style to the one I wore in the Aussie Curves post. I didn’t wear this dress out, I put it on to try and figure out a way I could style it, and figured I’d take some photos of it ‘as is’.


I have to walk through my parents house to get to the backyard to take the photos, and Mum commented about not being sure if she liked the dress on me. I think for me to wear it out confidently, I’d have to style it a different way, add something over the top. That, or wear some really good spanx. But that is me, I hope one day I can walk out of the house wearing a dress like this and not worry about being commented on.


The dress feels so comfortable on, though it seems to be a different material to THIS dress (which I also own). It’s a little tighter and sturdier, instead of slinkier. The sleeves are rather long on this one too, which doesn’t really bother me. I bought each of the dresses in a size 22.


Dress – ASOS | Earrings – Diva | Shoes – ? I don’t remember, i’ve had them around 8 years now!


I’m currently on holidays with very limited internet access. Any emails or comments will have a delay in response. I’m sorry for this. Be sure to follow my instagram, twitter and facebook accounts for holiday updates. I’ll be trying to use the hashtag #XLinAitutaki

  • Nessbow

    You look gorgeous! I love this outfit.

  • This looks AWESOME! I really need to make an Asos order.
    Those earrings are fab too.

  • Rai

    You look sooo cute <3 I love the way your hair has faded to this pretty blue too. Want! xx

  • you look gorgeous in this dress. I understand how you feel…I always wear body shapers with dresses like these. Bali makes one that’s more comfortable than most bras (really). I don’t go braless so why not wear shapers if they make me look and feel good?
    Hugs, Susan from stylingwithsusieblog.com

  • Lillian Low

    You look fantastic! The print on the dress is fab. Personally I think your VBO really isn’t that noticeable and you look great but I understand it’s important for you to feel confident in yourself so maybe Spanx or something is a good way to go (I LOOOOVE shapewear! :D) x

  • Wookie Wifey

    Cute cute cute shoes! The dress looks good on your torso, its the arms that are the problem to me. They just don’t seem to fit like they should and look a bit incongruous with such a pretty, springy dress. If you can sew, I’d just chop those sleeves off and make the dress short sleeved or even nix the sleeves entirely and maybe replace them with a lace cap sleeve. If you can’t sew, maybe try a bolero over the top that is short enough to show off how the dress curves to your waist, yet with long sleeves that will hide the fact that the DRESS has long sleeves. JMO. Other than the sleeves, I love it!

  • Elle Leah

    So glad you’re showing this dress off because I’ve wanted it for so long but have held back because of my fear of the tightness level. But I think you look amazing! The thing with VBO is it generally isn’t how you look to other people (i.e. I think you look fab) but how you feel about how you look. That’s something I want to work on for myself. Maybe I’ll start with this dress…? Watch this space!

  • Martina Hart

    I love the shape of this dress on you. I agree about making the sleeves a bit shorter. I think you look great in strong colours so how about putting a blue or pink jacket/blazer over the top of it or adding a belt? I understand what you mean about being commented on. I think if we are happy with how we look then comments hopefully wont bother us as much

  • Yes, I think i’ll play around with layers on this, I think it needs something extra. I’m going to have a look into taking the sleeves up a bit too.

  • Yes! I think it depends on the mood i’m in, in to weather i’ll rock it straight out like this. Sometimes I have all the confidence, but then again when I walked out in this and my Mum commented on it, it made me lose some. I LOVE so many outfits of women rocking the VBO, but I find it’s harder for me to do myself. It’s something I’m working on as well.

  • I’m thinking of getting something done with the sleeves, i’m thinking even just having them sit on the elbow (Like this one) will help.

  • Thank you! I think it’s all in the way I see myself, and the fact my Mum commented on it. I love other people rocking the vbo, I think I just need to build up more confidence to rock it outside the house.

  • Oh, i’ll have a look out, I don’t really own much shapewear but I have nothing against wearing it.

  • Thank you! This blue is by far my favourite and I love all the colours it changes too as it fades.

  • Yes! You do! Asos = awesome!

  • Thank you! <3

  • Wookie Wifey

    That would definitely turn a cute dress into an amazing one!