A few of my favourite blogs…


Macademian Girl
While her blog is in another language (Polish, I believe), it’s still easily translatable (my browser drops down a little bar asking if I’d like it translated.) Though, you don’t really have to read this blog, I know I mainly just go because Tamara’s style is AMAZING. I seriously envy her ability to rock mixed prints so well. Her whole style, plus the amazing photography and attention to detail always leaves me swooning.


Talking Trash & Wasting Time
I’ve known Brooke online for many many years now & when she started her own blog I was super excited. She’s a craft genius  Her blog is filled with lots of DIY ideas with tutorials. From Minnie Mouse Make Up Tutorials, Super cute bambi & adventure time costumes & the food! How about a One Direction cake? Or a cupcake covered in blood and an eyeball for halloween? The blog ranges from fun to cute & then on to quirky. Be prepared for some One Direction craft ideas too, great if you have a teen daughter!


The nearsighted Owl
I only stumbled across Racheles blog a few months ago, but I fell pretty hard. Rachele is everything I want to be, a passionate fat acceptance blogger, with amazing style, and most recently cheek piercings! Her post on Fat Sex is a must read. She also has a ‘How to be a Fat Bitch’ e-course, check it out HERE.

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