Lustlist – The expensive!


¬†Neon Bee Bag by Cami xxx– $479 | A new project for Cami, who you may know as one half of Di$count Univer$e. If I had the money, I would buy one of these bags no problem. Each bag is handmade & individual, plus, it’s supporting an Australian designer. I honestly just love everything about the heart bags, and while THIS one would have been my first pick, the bright neon of this bag just has me head over heels. I’d also say check out the Di$COUNT store, while they don’t cater to plus size, there stuff is amazing. I really love the eclectic eccentricity of their designs.

Baroque Beading Shift Dress by ASOS – $262 | Seriously, isn’t this dress UH-MAY-ZING!? I want to marry this dress and have it’s babies. If you have a moment, head over to the page and watch the video of it, it’s just so beautiful!

Buckle Up Boot by TS14+ – $269.95 | I’m loving these boots, wide calf, comfy and RED!!

Fuck Ring by Jacquie Aiche – $150 to $815 | This just realllly appeals to me. A swear word in such a pretty girly ring. It ranges in price, if I could I’d get the sterling silver, which is $150, compared to the white gold at $815.