Time to share some of the items I’ve been eyeing up lately! Clockwise.

Modcloth – Chalk of the Town Dress in Kittens – $99.95 || I already have a modcloth cat dress (which i’m sadly going to have to sell as it’s too big now) so I’ve been eyeing up this one to replace it. It’s in a colour I’d wear more too!

Doodad and Fandango – Poochy Poo in Slurple – $80 || Poodle earrings!! Needless to say, I love everything on the D&F store, but these purple poodles just make me into the heart eyed emoji!

Modcloth – Be Aware of Dog Bag – $78 || If I can’t have a dog, why can’t I just surround myself with dog things? Earrings, tops, bags! Yes please!

ASOS – Delaware Plimsolls – $49.00 || Sequined sneakers. Need I say more?

Nasty Gal – Aria Cat-Eye Shades – $33.00 || I probably have too many pairs of sunglasses, when I really need a pair of scripted sunglasses, but these are just so pretty!

Tilly Me – Dinorama Top – $40 || Dinosaur crop top! It also has a matching skirt!! Also, Made in Melbourne!!

Modcloth – Dino My Gosh Dress in Lime – $49.99 || I’ve been lusting after this dress for awhile, but it’s been sold out in my size. It’s recently been restocked!!

Evans – Lime Green Waterfall Trench Coat – £55.00 || Yeah, I’m loving lime still. This would match my duvet, my luggage, and a few other things. Such a statement piece.

Clashist – Sexy Jeff Tee – $55 || JEFF GOLDBLUM! Sexy Jeff Goldblum!

Iron Fist – My Little Pony Merry Go Round Bootie – $109 || I’ve been eyeing the IronFist MLP sneakers, which I would wear more often, but these, these are just beauties!