Aitutaki – The Vaka Cruise – Part One

I usually don’t do very picture heavy posts, but I find that when it comes to going through my pictures from Aitutaki, that I just can’t seem to cull them down. As it is, i’m trying to keep posts to around 10 pictures, and then splitting them into 2 parts for those larger days.


Day 4 on the island saw us go on the Vaka Cruise. This took us out on the lagoon visiting some snorkeling hot spots, and a couple of islands, finishing on One Foot Island. The trip was 6 hours, included lunch & cost $99nz, which I thought was a pretty good price.

vaka-02Clam! There is something just so fascinating about clams. To see them move and breathe.

vaka-03More of my favourite black & white teeny fishes!

vaka-04It really was amazing to see so many different kinds of fish.



vaka-07Everywhere you would turn there would be more fish. They weren’t shy at all!



And here are some rather unflattering photos of me in the snorkeling act!