Vintage OOTD

These photos are from late March 2011, so if you’ve been around my blog awhile, you’ve already seen them. Seeing as I’ve been busy with the new place, I thought i’d recycle some posts. This time around, images are a little larger. I mainly love these photos due to horses being present, I mean come on, HORSES! These were taken at Bonython Park , in Adelaide, after a breakfast for my ex’s work. I was super excited to notice that the park backs on to the Police Barrack stables! So yes, not only are they horses, they are police horses!

  • SHIRT – K-mart
  • JACKET – City Chic
  • SKIRT – Asos Curve
  • SHOES – luichiny via BrandsExclusive
  • WATCH – Smiggle
  • BAG – I can’t remember who it’s by and it’s packed atm, sorry!