OOTD – I hate Adelaide heat!

Sure, i’ve been back in Sydney for a week now, but I have a few OOTD posts left to show. One thing Adelaide knows how to do, is turn on the heat. A couple of the days reached over 40°c (104°f). While it doesn’t seem to get as much humidity as Sydney does, it threw in a few very muggy days. Hence the really horrid hair!

Henry cat! Did you miss seeing his gorgeous kitty face on my blog!? I did, I miss seeing him every day so much! He was super happy to have me around for the fortnight (Adam has since emailed to tell me Henry is being a total bitch for him, sorry!)

Outfit comes with added white cat hair! I picked this striped skirt up in the on me  I plan to get it taken in, but it’s super comfy and for $20 (with the belt!) I couldn’t resist. I do love stripes!

I also splurged and had my first ever manicure! I’ve had fake nails put on a few times in the past, but that is the extent i’ve ever gone to with ‘pampering’. Nope, i’ve never been waxed, had a facial, or a massage. I thought i’d give a manicure a go, and I really enjoyed it. I don’t know what colour it is, but I do know it was China Glaze. I kind of want to try shellac now!

Of course have to have a Piggy pic! Ginny had to wear her cone a lot of the time I was around, I think I must stress her out cause she starts to lick and chew at her paw. Silly puppy! The pink bolero was another $20 CC sale score. When I walked up to the counter and placed the bolero and skirt together the lady who work there remarked that she wouldn’t have thought to put the two together, but they worked well together!

  • SINGLET – K-mart
  • BOLERO – City Chic – Size L
  • SKIRT – City Chic – Size XL
  • BELT – Came with skirt.
  • SHOES – K-mart
  • NECKLACE – ASOS – Now on sale!
  • RINGS – Left hand – Gifts & Acrylic cupcake ring from Cupcakes & Mace. Left Thumb & Right hand – Baxi via BrandsExclusive