OOTD: Blogging attire – You thought I had style!?

I blog from home, in all honesty, I’m a big homebody, I don’t get out much, I don’t have a huge social life. I love fashion & I love getting dressed up, but the fact remains, I work from home & I’m not always dressed stylishly. Paired with the fact I’m not feeling 100% and i’m packing, I don’t want to ruin any ‘good’ clothes.

It may not look like it from these photos, it’s actually winter here. So when dressing, it’s for warmth and comfort. This is my basic ‘comfy blogging uniform’. Singlet, some sort of tee, leggings, socks, slippers and my MUCH loved warm cardigan/coat thingy. Mornings and night I add on the fingerless gloves, cause i’m cool like that. I probably wouldn’t normally wear the scarves, but they arrived for me today and I put them on straight away.

I should probably note that this jacket is my favourite thing EVER. It served me well last year, and I’ve basically lived in it this year. Who needs a dressing gown when you have an over sized grey chunky knit jacket with a hood!?

  • SINGLET – City Chic
  • TOP – Supre
  • LEGGINGS – Crossroads
  • KNITTED JACKET – c/o Autograph
  • SOCKS & GLOVES – Gift from my parents
  • SLIPPERS – Urban Outfitters (I also have penguin ones!)
  • GLASSES – c/o Jono Hennessy
  • SCARVES – Red with Envy

Above with my much loved iPad2, named Gallifrey. I left in all the lens flares, I thought they looked rather pretty. It is really beautiful outside today.

Do you have a dag around at home uniform?