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#hashtagplusblogger – You can’t – Outfit

November 5, 2017

This week on #hashtagplusblogger (more info here) the theme is “You can’t”. My mind went a little wild with the possibilities. Being fat and a woman, I and many others often get told what we can and can’t wear. This can be anything from showing too much skin, wearing clothing that is too tight or too loose, or even what patterns shouldn’t be worn. You can’t wear horizontal stripes, you can’t show off your VBO, you can’t wear leggings as pants.

#hashtagplusblogger OOTD

I’m a rule breaker when it comes to fashion. I love crop tops, I’ll wear a bikini, I have a belly and i’ll sometimes show it. For this weeks theme, I actually played it a bit safe. Yes, I’m wearing a short, tight skirt, that in certain ways I move will show off VBO. I’m also wearing a crop top, which means when I move around, my waist will be exposed.

#hashtagplusblogger OOTD

I have to remember that when I wear red lipstick now I look very Christmas-y. I guess it is the time of year for it!

#hashtagplusblogger OOTD

Top – Cotton On || Skirt – Missguided || Boots – Ego

#hashtagplusblogger OOTD

But honestly, we can. Don’t let others dictate what you can and can’t wear.

  • I absolutely ADORE this outfit! You look incredible – and honestly I have such major heart eyes for that top ? x

  • Alexandra Phanarai

    This outfit is all sorts of YES.

  • Louise P

    Amazing outfit! I love the top and skirt together; they go perfectly. xx

  • Love it. Love the fishnet of the underskirt. And I snorted when I read the Christmasy thing. Haha. I would never have thought of that, but well, accurate!

  • This post is just awesome! I love the skirt you’re wearing and I want one!

    xx Kate