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OOTD – Five bad boys and peplums!

I had planned to write up a different post for today, but I currently have food poisoning. Instead, you get this OOTD from last week, that I had planned to post later this week. Guh, does that sentance even make sense? I’m going back to bed.

No, your eyes are NOT deceiving you, I am in fact wearing a Five shirt, peplum skirt and glitter shoes. I mean, why not!? This is one of my crazier outfits for sure, but i’m kind of in love with it. That may also have something to do with the fact that I LOVE Five, and have for *cough* 15 years.

  • TOP – A Five Concert in Sydney, I think it was in 2000.
  • SHOES – Rubi Shoes
  • BELT – Dorothy Perkins

It’s not the most perfect outfit, but it’s very me. Strangely enough, the skirt paired with the shoes made me feel like a nurse. Fun outfits can really change how you feel during the day, this one certainly made me smile.