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Here Kitty Kitty! I HAVE A CAT!

So, I kind of suck at video blogs as i’m quite an awkward person, so here you get to see it first hand!

So, I am now proud owner to a one year old Tonkinese male named Tonka. I adopted him for a lovely family who were moving and could no longer have him. He is settling in pretty well so far, still shy and hiding, but coming out and being rather affectionate when it suits him.

Getting a cat is something i’ve been considering for awhile, at first I couldn’t because I hadn’t let go of Henry, but with the new house, I thought it might be a good start. However, I’ve been looking into breeds, and Tonkinese is one that I keep going back to, I was just trying to decide should I go for a kitten or an ex-breeding cat. A tonk isn’t something you see come up on rescue sites often. Then I noticed his ad on Gumtree and my Mum encouraged me to get him, and next thing I know, a few days later i’m off to meet him.

I have to say, it was love at first sight, he’s very handsome. I think Caleb is a little in love with him too! He can be quite chatty too.

Mr Frodo seems fine so far, they’ve just kind of been ignoring each other or just kind of watching each other in curiosity!