It’s my birthday!!

Woo! Yes, today is my birthday! I turn 26 and no, I don’t feel older. In fact, I still feel 23. I spent yesterday with my brother going for my first drive, i’m happy to report I did pretty well! Today, I went out shopping with my sister. So, what did I get!?

This may just be my favourite present. My nephew Caleb made this for me! <3 <3 In the top picture, you can see what I got. My parents got me the socks & umbrella, they will also be buying me a much needed external harddrive. The rest, well, I spoilt myself! The pink furry cardi was $35 by Mika & Gala, it’s also a size 12, yay for super stretch! A $5 necklace from Lovisa & a free nail polish!

My sister and I, on the left. I made sure to wear my other glasses today, so we wouldn’t be glasses twins! My nephew and I on the right. The difference between the front & back camera on my phone is pretty epic!

You may have remembered I’d posted these shoes a few times on my Weekly Wishlist, well I caved and bought them for myself. They were still on sale for $70 on the Zu site, but on sale for $50 on The Iconic, and who just happened to have a $25 voucher for the Iconic? ME! So I ended up scoring these for $25! BOOYA! As I mentioned, they are the closest i’ll ever get to owning Miu Miu.

Hello sneaker heaven! I was originally hooked into the Windsor Smith store by THIS version of the shoe, but loved this neon version too. I decided to try these on in my size (I had to size up) and kind of fell in love. They didn’t have any of the glitter versions in store, so I just bought these. On sale for $50. I may have just gone and bought the silver glitter pair online. Since fracturing my foot i’ve been having to wear comfortable shoes, and well, these are comfy!

My parents got me these gorgeous flowers! So pretty & smelly! After shopping, my sister & I went to pick my nephew up from school and this Galah just landed on the footpath and proceeded to walk down it a few meters. So cute!

Thank you to my Brother for a wonderful day yesterday, and to my Sister for a great day today. Thanks to my parents, and also everyone who has commented on facebook and tweeted me! Oh, and don’t forget to enter my birthday giveaway HERE!