One thing I’m glad about, is that Adam (my ex) and I still get along. I’ll often get an email with a photo of how my babies are doing, and while it’s so hard to be away from them, I know they are in a loving home. Adam sent me the above picture the other day and it just made me go ‘awww’. For someone who has never had a cat before, I don’t know how I lived without one.

I then remembered a set of photos I took of Henry when I went and visited in February. I’d noted I wanted to photoshop them! BAM! Sorry its dodgy, that was a 5 minutes job. It’s actually still really hard to look at photos of him too long. I’m a sap, really.

Because I used flash his different eye colours came up different, but it amused me. He looks rather unimpressed. I miss his purr. Adam said he was a bit of a terror after I left, acting out a little, but he’s settled back into a routine. Him and Ginny are getting along a lot better, as long as Henry plays submissive.

He’s such a teeny kitty compared to other cats i’ve been around, and he’s over a year old now.

Just so I don’t get into trouble for favouritism (which I certainly do have), here are a couple of pictures of Piggy I was sent. I was musing the other day on how many names Ginny has and what she comes to. Virginia. Virginia Pig. Ginny. Ginny Pig. Piggy. Pig Pig.

And this little man beast, the love of my life, Mr Frodo went back to the vet today for the results of his blood tests and he’s in perfect health! Yay! He’s been loving sleeping on his bed on the lounge as of late, and carrying a toy his Auntie gave him around the whole house.