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In the dressing room – Autograph!

June 1, 2012

So, I headed out to the shops today to post something off to Caitlin, and I decided to duck into my local Autograph store to check out the sales. After seeing

LEFT OUTFIT – I can’t seem to find the top online, but I think it is the ‘pull over lurex knit’ but in blue (XL for oversized fit). With the star print leggings (M). The jumper was really nice, I liked that it wasn’t very thick, it had a really nice glitter through it. It is rather sheer though. The leggings were super cute! STARS!
RIGHT OUTFIT –  Animal Jaquard Tunic (XL for oversized fit) with cobalt blue leggings (M). This tunic was LOVE, it was so comfortable and warm, I kind of didn’t want to take it off!

You can see the pattern of the star leggings a little better in this photo.

The cobalt blue leggings aren’t really cobalt, they are a little more darker, but still lovely. I ended up buying these & would have bought the purple pair, except they didn’t have my size. I really wanted the jumpers I tried on too, but you can’t layby when it’s sales. 🙁

The leggings are rather long, this is what they looked like when I put them on, but I found once I kind of moved them around a little, it wasn’t too noticeable. They bunch a little at the bottom, but I don’t mind that, and I like them when they are long like this for my boots. I’m about 5’5ish.

So, I hope that helped anyone who was thinking about snapping up any of the leggings. Autograph currently has 50% storewide, online and instore, but i’m not sure how long that sale lasts!

Sorry about the rather dodgy photos, it can be a little hard to snap pics in the dressing rooms and I’m actually rather shy.

  • OHHHH The sale is great!! I went and had a shop yesterday. I looked at that jumper – but am broke at the moment (and reallyyyyyy dont need any more knited tops) It looks great on you!
    I got a pair of the pull on Slim leg jeans – they are AMAZING. I have tried on other “pull on” ones and they all looked like grandma pants… these ones… I can’t even explain. Just great!! I also got a pair of Ponti leggings…. I love that material 🙂
    I love getting text msgs for the Autograph sales!

  • I wish I had some shopping money now! Love you in that outfit. You look comfy and oh so stylish:)

  • I’m broke too, I really wish I could have bought the jumper, i’m in need of some warmer stuff as it’s getting colder. 
    I shall have to look at the jeans, I never seem to like the way pants look on me, so i’m forever searching for a pair that I like!

  • Aw, thank you!