What’s in my bag!?

I love getting a peak into other peoples handbags. I have no idea why, maybe due to the fact I was brought up never to go through anyone’s bag. I always find what people carry interesting, so while i’m stuck in bed, I thought I’d show you what is in my handbag!!

  1. MED KIT– This is actually an extra case I had lying around for my DS! In this I keep band-aids, painkillers, sewing kit, wipes & pads.
  2. SUNGLASSES CASE– In all honesty, I don’t wear my sunglasses all that much because I wear my prescription glasses. I really need to invest in a pair of prescription sunglasses. And no, my sunglasses aren’t Versace.
  3. MAKE UP CASE– This is actually a pencil case from Smiggle my friend gave me. Pink glitter, yes please! I don’t wear to much make up generally, so inside I have sunscreen, body cream, 2 lip glosses & mascara.
  4. CARD WALLET – This is an extra wallet I carry around that has lots of card space. I have so many cards for stores that I stick the less used ones in here, saves me time routing around in my everyday purse for hours. It also holds 3x American $1 notes!
  5. EVERYDAY PURSE– My Zombie purse by IronFist (I have the matching handbag too, but I need to get the straps repaired). Holds my money, everyday cards & a picture of Frodo & Ginny.
  6. KEYS– I have a whole lot of key-rings but not many keys! 2 are for my house & one for my in-laws.
  7. IPOD, BUSINESS CARD HOLDER & HEADPHONES– Pretty self explanatory. My ipod isn’t always in my bag, more often then not I forget it!
  8. COIN PURSE– Another Smiggle gift, this holds random change in case I need it.
  9. PHONE – My phone which I hate with a passion. HATE.
  10. DEODORANT & RANDOM PAPERS– Yes, I carry both roll on & spray deodorant, and no, I don’t suffer from bad B.O. I personally prefer roll on, but I carry both. Random paper includes KFC Vouchers, Bus timetable & a pretty envelope I keep my layby dockets in.