Happy Easter from my bed!

I don’t really celebrate Easter. I’m not religious so it honestly doesn’t hold much meaning. I still stick to the tradition of Fish on Good Friday. I respect what other people believe & actually do find Religion an interesting subject. I’m just still not sure I know what I believe in.

As I’ve never been huge on Chocolate, in my house when I was younger my parents would often just buy me a present instead of eggs. This year, my parents have bought me Season 1-4 of Doctor Who to watch whilst i’m on bed rest.

This is where I’ve been spending the past week. Either proped up in bed on my netbook, napping or reading. I’ve also been re-watching Queer As Folk. I usually have both dogs on the bed with me & the cat on the headboard. I also used to have a big pretty frame above the bed, that was until it fell on me the other day! OUCH!

Oh, but I’m not the only injured one here. Adam is having so much fun running around between me & Ginny. She’s got sores on her legs due to nibbling on them, what we believed was her anxiety. After salt cleaning them for a week they didn’t get better so off to the vet Adam took her yesterday. She’s on meds & has to