The Beach! Yay!

Whilst here, my nephew casually mentioned that he’s never really been to the beach. He’s seen them, been past them, dined near them, but never got down in the sand & been in the water. I decided we needed to change that! So on the Friday before he left, late afternoon we headed off to Largs!

We chose a good night actually. At first we weren’t sure if it’d be too chilly, it’s now Autumn here & there was a slight breeze, but the weather turned out to be perfect. It was warm, without the sand being scoulding. There was a nice breeze & the water was the most brilliant tempreture. I would have gone out swimming if I could have!

Oh hai! Here I am in my swimming costume! I’ve had this one for a couple of years now but had never worn it! I picked it up on sale at Millers. I don’t get to swim much here in Adelaide, but I am a real fish. All my life living in Sydney we had a pool!

Adam & Caleb, this is as Caleb is about to put his feet in the water for the first time! Notice the boat in the background!

Largs has a great cafe right on the jetty, so we had some fish & chips for dinner. Well actually, Caleb had chicken nuggets. He was so cute at one point asking “What does fish taste like?”. They have amazing milkshakes!

After dinner, Adam & Caleb went back down to teh water to collect shells, I’d strained my foot the night before, so I really couldn’t be bothered doing the walk through the sand for a 2nd time, so I strolled down the jetty taking some photos.

 The sun was setting right as we were leavung & it was one of the most gorgeous sights i’ve seen. I wish I could have caputred a picture that did it justice, the colous were amazing!