Quick Pics, Instragram & my back!

So, at the moment, it seems I won’t be needing surgery. Yay. Basically, to put it in understandable terms, a couple of my discs have bulged and certain ways I move it will hit against my spinal cord, which is what causes the loss of feeling to my legs. I have anti inflammatory medication and I have to have extensive physio. My doctor is hoping this will ease the pain, because he really doesn’t want to have me go through spinal surgery at 25.

Yesterday we had a family gathering. Every year of that Dad’s side of the family often get together for a BBQ. As i’ve been in Adelaide, i’ve not been able to make it, so it was good to catch up with family. This is the view from the front yard of where my Dad grew up in at La Perouse, my Uncle lives in the house now.

Instagram! – I’ve been crying a lot, both from pain & depression. Getting loads of Frodo cuddles. Hospital visit. Pretty flowers in my owl vase!

New hair that didn’t turn out how I asked for it. Yep, I sleep with a teddy, his name is Leopold. Mal & Kayley watch over me in bed.  Mr Frodo is in love with my new bed coverlet. & more surprise flowers, i’ve been spoiled with flowers as of late.