Quick Pics 1st of the New Year!

Looking a little haggard! I’ve been busy nearly every day of this New Year! It’s been fun, but i’m certainly not used to it! You can kind of see part of one of the new dresses I’ve picked up in the sales. It’s from Millers & was $20! It’s a Tye dye maxi!

Piggy! (Aka Ginny) I’ve been having fun playing around with my Mums digital SLR. I love it!

My parents dog Emily! Isn’t she adorable! It’s been fun seeing her with my dogs! My parents got her just over a year ago. She’s a rescue dogs. When they first got her, she was so timid & scared. It’s amazing to see the progress she has made!

Frodo and Henry have been playing! Henry is getting so big! He’s also playing with Ginny now too! Ginny is tolerating him, except for when he comes into the bedroom. She’s been a bit territorial!

My Mister Frodo, siting on top of the lounge. He likes to lay there and look out the window. The green tags are all his registration tags! I wish they had different sizes because the 2 that both dogs wear are so big on them!

We recieved a Kitten pack in the mail from a cat food company Purina! In it was a bag of kibble, a can of food, a collar and a book all about kittens (which was really informative!) So now Henry has a pretty purple collar & bell! It’s still a little big on him so he’s only wearing it when he’s out & about in the house, not in his room.

Getting Daddy hugs!