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Outfit of the Dinner!!

January 8, 2011

Tonight Adam & I went out to dinner with my parents, his parents & his nephew. I looked up local pubs online & settled on the Daniel O’Connell in North Adelaide!

I’d been eyeing this top at City Chic (See post HERE) and just before Christmas they announced a 50% off sale on the online store. I quickly placed the order for both tops in the post! Basically 2 for the price of 1!


TUNIC – City Chic – L
LEGGINGS – City Chic – L
WIG– Paddys Markets in Sydney
HEADBAND – Sportsgirl
CUFF – Equip
SHOES – Jeffrey Campbell

Seat Belt Chic!

This was my dinner. Yep. That’s a whole lot of Rib Eye! 700g to be precise! I don’t actually eat a lot of meat. My body has a lot of trouble digesting meat, so usually I only eat a teeny portion. I decided to splurge. I know i’ll regret it later when the stomach cramps kick in, but it was so so so good!

Adam and I <3

My parents & I. Henry & I. Look how big he’s grown!

Frodo, Ginny and I.

  • I totally bought that top! But then took it back cause it made me look all out of proportion =( Looks great on you though!

  • Septum??? Is that new or have I been blind every time I look at your pics???

    The blue hair looks great, I love it

  • I look a little frumpy in it. It gives no definition and it can look like i’m flat from the boobs to my knees, but its so comfy & good for days when I just feel icky & want something floaty.

  • Pixie Needle at Sewing Pixie

    that whole outfit from top to bottom is stunning! much love here, baby. I really want to get a wig.

  • You’ve been blind! I’ve had my septum pierced for around 3 years now! Sometimes I wear it flipped up so you can’t see it, but for around the past month I’ve had this ring in!

    The hair is a wig! It’s one of my favourite wigs though! It’s great for bad hair days or if I want some length!!

  • Ashe Mischief

    Oh lady! You NEED to make your hair permanently that colored–it looks STUNNING on you!

    And Henry’s such a beauty. I mean to say so every time you post his picture.

  • Typical me! I’ve had mine for about 6 months now, and I love them, it’s such an unusual piercing, I’m just sick of the bull comments.!

  • Anonymous

    You look great! I love the blue hair, and your animals are oh so cute!

  • I love your hair this colour. It really suits you. I’ve already expressed my love of bat-wing tops once, but it needed to be said again how fabulous they look.

  • Oh wow, I love this outfit so much – you look like you’re about to take to the stage at a music festival as the headline act!

  • Your hair colour is so fab. You are like … a butterfly ready to take flight!

  • omg your hair! i love it

  • your hair looks so lovely 🙂