OOTD – Pink & florals!

Today was a family day at the in-laws. We often get invited over to Adam’s parents house for a BBQ with Adam’s brothers, there wives & kids. Usually it’s sausages & chops, but I was pleasently surprised today as it was a large bbq snapper! Om nom nom! It was great just to get out of the house!

Any excuse to dress up, out of my tracky dacks or pj’s that i’ve been living in! This outfit was super comfy though. My back is still sore, so I’m very much about comfort. I still have around 3-4 more physio sessions to do, but it’s healing!

Couldn’t be bothered with make-up. I only put on some mascara. I usually on put on make up once or twice a fortnight. Now you can see my natural rosey cheeks. (Which often annoy me!) My hair is getting long! It needs to be re-dyed & i’m getting it trimmed next weekend.

I picked this necklace up on Thursday at the Diva $5 sale! I love when Diva has sales! It’s a shiney fake diamond on a long silver chain.

Pretty nails & a couple of new rings! I picked up some pretty rings on super sale at Brandsexclusive (all except those on my ‘ring’ finger) . I’d been afer some for awhile!

  • DRESS (Worn as top) – City Chic – XL
  • SKIRT – City Chic – XL
  • STOCKINGS – I forget the brand, but I buy them at Woolworths or Target.
  • SHOES – Luichiny – via BrandsExclusive
  • NEW RINGS – Baxi – via BrandsExclusive
  • NECKLACE – Diva
  • NAIL POLISH – Sportsgirl – Ulta3 Blue Glitter on top.

My nephew & I. Excuse the hand gestures. He did it, so I copied & yes, I actually asked “What exactly am I saying with this hand gesture!?”.

Random snap shot my father in law took. I didn’t realise he was actually taking a photo, but thought i’d throw in the candid!