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Glee 3D Premiere! (Plus OOTD!)

Last night was the Sydney Premiere for Glee 3D. I was invited along as a +1 to a friend, but she wasn’t able to make it, so I asked my niece Sharn to tag along.

It was red carpet, but the dress code was ‘Get your Gleek On’. Yeah. I had no idea what to wear, so this is what I threw together! I love this Dream Diva dress, but don’t have the occasion to wear it often. It’s still chilly, so I decided to dress it down by putting a shirt on over the top.

  • DRESS – Gift from Dream Diva
  • SHIRT – City Chic
  • CLUTCH – Borrowed off my neice. It’s a McQueen knock off from Colette.

New hair. Aqua-purplish-pink. Thank you for all the kind words on the blonde hair, but I don’t feel comfortable with it. I feel it really doesn’t suit me. In the pictures, I was wearing make up. In real life it really washes me out. Plus, it’s not colourful enough! 😛

My niece and I, with a suprise appearance by my parents dog Emily!

The movie, well, live show was great! It was my first time ever seeing a movie in 3D & it was awesome! If you are a fan of the show, i’d say it’s a must see. I’d be tempted to go and see it again just to see Brittany’s “I’m a slave for you” routine.

Here I am chowing down on a choc top. When we arrived at the cinema we were given free glow sticks, lindt chocolate, glow sticks, water & popcorn. SCORE!

Victoria, Me, Sharn, Jess & Peta, waiting in the cinema. (This photo & the one above thanks to Dave!)

We were also lucky enough to witness an amazing Glee flashmob right in the middle of the cinema! Super fun. What started with just the two main singers, ended with the cinema filled with people of all ages dancing up the isles.

Thanks to Dave (again) for the video!