17 Sundays – Australian Spotlight!

17 Sundays have been on my radar a while. I think I stumbled across them via Curves to Kill, but they’ve been bookmarked a while now. There ‘ABOUT 17’ page completely sold me.

  • We are a small group of fashionistas dedicated to denim and boutique fashion.
  • Over the course of our careers in the fashion industry we have focused on denim based street wear, boutique bespoke graphics, funky fully fashioned knits and commercial jersey dressing.
  • We are also the creative directors behind one of the most successful ‘full size range’ brands in Australia.
  • Through 17 Sundays we want to facilitate the fact that expression and outfitting doesn’t stop at size 12.
  • Our mantra at 17 is that we will never sell a printed chiffon blouse or a faded blue kick leg jean any day of the week especially ON A SUNDAY.
  • We want to create the opportunity for a woman to feel sexy, confident, cheeky and chic, in boutique casual.
  • Accessorized just right, in well cut outfitting that doesn’t dictate.
  • Confidence is key at 17 and it’s a gift we strive to give to all the women that may not be  feeling  that fabulous after a spin around the retail shop floor.

YES! YES! YES! I am always so happy to see brands that actually get it! It doesn’t matter what size we are, we are women, we should have options, we should be who WE want to be and not what society dictates.


17 Sundays really hits the nail on the head with what I’m currently craving clothing wise. Comfort, great colours, layering, & super stylish. They even have a cropped top!

17 Sundays were also super nice enough to send me a few items to review, but seeing as I am currently camera-less, here is a quick pic. I’m wearing the Acid Wash Skirt & Crochet vest. I also received the God Save the Queen Tee, which is OMG so soft & comfortable. I do plan on doing a proper review post with some proper photos, but I hope this at least tides you over!