Of relationships & trying to move on…

Adam & I have broken up. I’ve struggled to write this, but I guess this blog will be a little crazy over the next month. I just wanted to talk about why.

I’m going to be moving back to Sydney. I miss Sydney. Sydney is HOME. My family are there. I’ve always been close to my family & the fact I haven’t seen my youngest nieces & nephews in a year breaks my heart. My brother will send me pictures of them & I feel like i’m being ripped apart. Adam loves Adelaide. Adelaide is his home, his family are here. He won’t move back to Sydney.

It was the hardest decision I’ve ever made. It still feels surreal. We’ve been together nearly 6 years. I don’t know who I am without Adam, but I guess I will be trying to figure that out.

He is keeping Henry too. My cat. I understand why, but god it hurts. Ginny is his baby & it will kill him to lose her, but we don’t know how Frodo & Ginny will go being separated. Plus they both have anxiety when left alone, so with him working, she’d be alone alone. No Frodo. So he has asked to keep Henry, who doesn’t care if he is alone.

So now, I have to figure out money to move back to Sydney. I need to find a job, I need to find a place to rent. I need to find replacements for things that are Adams that I will need. I will need a camera & a TV. I’ll need to buy all the Buffy & Angel DVDs. I need to do so much & I feel so overwhelmed.

I don’t know when I’m moving or what exactly is happening, but I will have some blogs scheduled for when I move. I’ll still be updating Twitter, i’m slightly addictive & am finding the support of my friends