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Things I Love Thursday

Colourful hair & finally having my extensions close in colour! Listening to music up loud! Stationary! Especially everything from NoteMaker! Getting mail! Getting packages! My package postman who is awesome. Singing the “Blues Clues” mail song. Having money in my bank account. One of my favourite music artists Amanda Palmer releasing “Amanda Palmer Performs The Popular Hits Of Radiohead On Her Magical Ukulele” and being able to download it for a measly $0.84us donation! (I paid $4.00us, I guess every little bit helps).

My muse being back, even if everything that comes out seems to be depressing. Paying design work. The thought of a new computer & how it will make my work so much easier. Frontierville on facebook, I’m a tad addicted. Snuggles in bed with my man and dogs. Colourful nails & warm socks.