Stargate SG1 Convention!

The convention I attended on Saturday was for Stargate SG-1! The guests in attendance were Chris Judge & Corin Nemec! It was such a great day! Being in Adelaide, the con was a lot more laid back, Adelaide events don’t seem to have such a high attendee turn out as a lot of the Sydney or Melbourne cons, but we saw a lot of new faces attend this time!

As I’m working the convention, I don’t often get to see much of the talks, so I can’t tell you much of what went on. A lunch date with Corin got auctioned off for just over $1000! Not to mention Chris Judge whipped off his shirt at one stage & that man still has it!

I had my photo taken with Corin, who noticed that my hair matched his shirt. He’s a humorous and very good looking guy! I got extra shushes whilst having my photo taken (Something I’m still getting used to!). I didn’t get a picture with Chris though, as I’m trying to save my money for Frodo’s vet bills, and I already have a picture with him from a previous convention. (See here!)

I am super sad, as this is probably the last convention I shall be able to attend this year! I was hoping to attend another 3 (True Blood, Armageddon & Gate to the Sanctuary) but alas, with vet bills, I can’t save for the air fares! But then, it just makes me more excited for next year!