Quick Pics!

As I mentioned in the previous post, my attempts of outfit posts have failed. But here are some fun photos that turned out OK!

 Flower crowns = love! It was such a nice sunny day outside, that I went out and tried to take photos! Alas, my dress, which I LOVE, is too big on me now and kept falling down! 🙁

 The only make up I had on was mascara, lip gloss and some shimmer blush! The above photo is unedited, only re-sized! (I don’t usually retouch myself in photos, I usually just have to play around with the lighting & sharpen a little, they sometimes come out dark)

Little man beast love! This photo amuses me because both Mister Frodo and I are pulling funny faces! It’s been cold here, Frodo just shakes and shakes, so he has his fleeced jacket on! He LOVES to wear clothes, he gets so excited. Ginny, on the other hand, hates it!

Kissing my little prince charming. <3 Hee, you can see my inch re-growth and the funny blonde/grey the purple had faded to! FACT: I’m only 24 but I’ve already got a fair amount of grey in my re-growth! One of the reasons why I dye it!

The photos I took for yesterdays OOTD were photobombed by Frodo. I just cut him out! He stands so proud, he also does this arrogant strut/prance!

Back to worrying! Adam is at the dentist, one thing he absolutly hates, so I’m here stressing out!