Owl Collection!

I’m one of those people who collects things. One of those things being owls! They are my 2nd favourite animal and I just love to buy up anything to do with owls! At the moment, it’s been really difficult, as it seems owl jewellery is in fashion! I see an owl & my brain says “BUY IT!” I happen to think I’ve been doing well so far not listening!

The other week I got a new bookcase/display cabinet, and it’s been sitting empty. Most of my owls have been sitting in my old TV unit, so in order to make the case not look so bare, I’ve moved my owl family in!

Whilst out yesterday at Port Adelaide’s Fisherman’s Wharf market, I picked up 3 new owls! I couldn’t resist! $13, $5 and $FREE! Seeing I loved owls so much and stood talking to the lady about them, she gave me the small one free. (Two of the owls are in the above photo, the small grey on in front, and the brown one middle back with the black eyes)

This is my favourite owl shelf. Left to Right – Grey Owl I got at Target this year! He’s a very plain sort of pretty! – This owl bowl used to hold my precious jewellery in the bathroom, but I’ve moved it out on display! It’s a gift from my best friend Lou, she has a matching owl clock! – My swarovski crystal owl. I’m always paranoid having this on display because I just know it was expencive! It was a 21st gift from my Auntie and her family! The big guy up the back is the $12 buy from the market yesterday! Isn’t he Divine? – The cream guy up the front is so so so pretty! It was a present from my parents.

Do you collect anything? If so, what?!