Outfit of the day – Funeral

I wasn’t sure about doing an ‘Outfit of the funeral’ post, but I thought ‘stuff it’ and did one. No need to worry about any funeral photo’s or that. I didn’t even take my camera, that would be a little strange.

First off, the funeral was lovely. I’ve never been to a funeral before & I always used to say that I never planned to go to a funeral, except my own & that’s only because I didn’t have a choice. I couldn’t not to Grandmama’s though. It was sad, I cried. I was so thankful that one of my best friends came and held my hand. It was great seeing family members & friends. Afterwards we headed into the city for the wake, which, actually was a really good time.

I’m trying not to be too upset & in a way i’m not. Nan was 90 and had a great long life. She wouldn’t want us upset. So at the wake I talked with friends, family & played with my neices and nephews. We got home by 4:30pm, and I spent some time playing in our front yard with my nephew Caleb. He seems to grow so much between times I see him. Hard to believe I witnessed his birth & got to hold this little man even before his mother!

I know that generally funerals are ‘black’. It’s kind of amusing too because my general colour palette is black, but Nan NEVER wore black. You’d point out something in the shops and she’s say “It’s black, I’ve never worn black in my life”. Her favourite colour is red, and this was one of her favourite of my dresses.

  • DRESS – City Chic – Size XL – $149.95
  • CARDIGAN – Crossroads – Size XXL – $39.95
  • STOCKINGS – Woolworths – Curvaceous Size 2 – $11.95
  • SHOES – Payless Shoes – On sale for $15

Finally managed to get my hair extensions to look like a similar colour to my hair. Took a while, but I ended up using fabric paint to get it the colour I needed.

My nephew & his snazzy scooter.


The cockatoo’s on the left are old friends. I have pictures dating back years ago of the two of them, they used to sit on my bedroom balcony & stare in my window. We’ve named them ‘Squeak & Sqwark’ because one makes more of a squeaking noise, whilst the other sqwarks. To this day, after moving to Adelaide over 2 years ago, you can ask my dogs “Where’s Squeak & sqwark!?” and they will run to a window and start looking & often barking!