Things I Love Thursday – Animal Edition – Dusty!

My best friend Catherine has been house sitting my parents house whilst they were away. When I arrived back home, she stayed the extra days until my parents got home. She’s a brilliant friend, who I’ve known since I was around 3.

Catherine, just like myself, is very much an animal lover. She has chickens, a python and a dog of her own (not including her family’s menagerie). Whilst she’s been here, her dog Dusty has been with her.

Curled up in bed with me.

Even though he’s 8 years old, I’d not seen dusty since he was a few months old. Lately my Mother has been raving on about Dusty whenever she calls, so I was excited to finally get to re-acquaint myself with him.

He’s a gem and so playful. Over the few days I kept forgetting that he was 8 years old, as he is as bouncey and joyful as a puppy! Everytime I’d walk out the front where Catherine was working, he’d be at my feet within seconds with something to throw. A stick, a pencil, a old newspaper. He never wanted to stop playing!

His eye is a little disconcearning at first, but it adds character. Sitting with him on your lap (and yes, he’s a big baby and wants to sit on your lap) looking at him from that side, expecially now with the stitches, he looks very Tim Burtonesque!

NAME – Dusty
BREED– Kelpie
BORN – 26th April 2002
AWARDS – Part of the #1 National Fly Ball team 2 years in a row.
HOBBIES– Lives to play frisbee. Oh really, any sort of fetch. He loves his agility training as well as eating anything & everything.
HIS EYE– Originally the lense of his eye was damaged by a cat scratch. He had surgery to have the lense removed, only to have the vet go on holidays days after the operation. The after operation care wasn’t the best & by the time the vet got back the retena was starting to collapse. He went blind. Due to the dogs nner system, the brain kept thinking that the was in trouble, so it kept sending extra blood to the eye in an effort to heal it. This created pressure on the eye. Catherine decided to have it removed, rather then risk the chance of a brain anurisym. She kept the eyeball, it resides in a glass container in her warddrobe.

Dusty and his Catherine.

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