Quick Pics

I think Ginny may have missed me. Adam turned around on Saturday night only to find Ginny curled up with my clothes in my suitcase. She certainly found it comfortable!

Playing around with the camera. One of the flowers in the bouquet Adam got me for our anniversary. I love bright coloured flowers.

Trying to keep my head occupied today, I baked a cake. It’s vanilla & rasberry swirl. I never usually ice my cake, but I decided to give it a go this time. The cake is so very very sweet, I think Adam will be taking half to work tomorrow to share around.

The front of Nan’s funeral card. I had to edit the picture, in the original she’s holding up a glass of straight scotch!

My Dad has some amazing clients. The family received amazing flowers from 2 separate companies. The one above had an amazing flower that we have no idea what it is. The other, in its original form would have came up to my hip & when separated filled two large vases.