Ootd – NO BLACK!

You may have noticed a majority of my wardrobe is black. I love black. It goes with everything! It’s safe. I’ve been reading Nessbow‘s blog the past week & what can I say, other then she really inspired me to try and wear some colour! The only thing black in the outfit is my Meowl ring i’m wearing.

I got this dress a few summers ago from Crossroads for around $30. I have it in red & black. Adam doesn’t understand why I needed two of the same dress in different colours. It’s such a comfy dress, that is so easy to wear & great for summer! Black goes with everything! Red doesn’t go with some of my hair colours!

I couldn’t resist this photo. I look crazy, but Frodo decided to photobomb right in the middle of where I was taking photos! Strange, for a dog who usually hates the camera! I don’t think he realised what was happening as I’ve only just found our tripod!

DRESS – Crossroads – Size 22
CARDIGAN – Rockmans – Size XL
SHOES – I don’t remember 🙁

So, what do you think? Did I succeed in wearing all colour?