OOTD – 004

Last night was my boyfriends Uncle’s 50th Birthday. To celebrate a bunch of family and friends made our way to Comix Comedy Cellar to enjoy a night of food, comedy and good company.  I decided to dress up, I love any excuse to dress up & honestly, I’ve wanted a chance to wear this dress since I bought it.

There is a bit of a story behind this dress. I was doing my every-couple-of-day browse of the City Chic website a few months ago & came across the dress. It was love at first site, but alas, it was $200 & on my income, very much out of my price range.  I went to my local City Chic store to see it in person & they’d sold out of all but a size 18, which was on display in all it’s glory. Flash forward to a few months later, I was in Sydney for a Convention & out shopping with Mum, they had the dress & I tried it on. Again, LOVE! But even if Mum & I went halves, I couldn’t justify the money. Again, flash forward to just before Christmas, I noticed it was on the site on sale for $100. I mentioned it to my boyfriend, that it would make an AWESOME Christmas present, but when I went back on, it was gone. DAMMIT. Day after boxing day, shopping with my not-yet-in-laws in Adelaide City. I waited around til after lunch when City Chic opened & by golly, my eye’s zeroed in on the dress, they had 3! I was going to get it! I had $100 in my wallet to buy my Christmas present with. Size Small. Size Small. Size XL! HELL YES! I almost wanted to cry. The best part, in the end, I got it for $20! YES! When City Chic have sales, they have SALES!

I should point out, that I had to take in the top part of the dress. It can be worn as strapless or it does come with shoe string starps. My problem is, that although I’m a PSW, I don’t have big boobs. I border on a B to C cup & this dress seems to be made for a lady with bigger breasts. The material in that area is suppost to look flowy, but it ended up just looking HUGE on me, so I simply added a dart to the top section on each side!

Dress – City Chic – XL – $200 on sale for $20
Cardigan – Some small store years ago – XL – $5
Belt -Torrid-  Size 3 – $20ish
Shoes – Rubi Shoes – Size 39 – $10
Necklace – Diva – On Sale for $5
Purse / Clutch – Vintage

I love make up. When I was in high school I’d spend hours after school just sitting around playing with make up. Later on, I started studying to be a make up artist, specifying in Special Effects. Alas, I ended up having to drop out, yes, technically I am a beauty school drop out. I also love bright colours, although a lot of my clothing is black, I love to accessorise it up with bright colours, notably my hair & make up!

I’ve been following Doe Deere for years, and one of her recent endevours is an AMAZING make up line of gorgeous bright colours! I decided to take the plunge end of last month, after taking a design job, that I was going to buy some. All I had to decide was which ones!?

I ended up buying 2 Magic Dusts in Siren & Mirror Mirror, as well as a lipstick in Centrifuchsia. You can see the lipstick in full effect above, I got a lot of complements & even though you can’t see it in the photo’s, it matches my hair pretty spot on! I’m also wearing ‘ Mirror Mirror’ on the inner part of my eye, and let me tell you, I AM IMPRESSED! It lasts for ages and it is so pigmented. I think in the future, Lime Crime will dominate my make up kit!

Shipping to Australia is a resonable $10 (Unless you spend over $100 & then it’s FREE) I used a coupon code from Doe’s blog and all up, my order came to about $50au! For this kind of pigment & quality it really is a bargain!

Lime Crime Make Up!