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My Birthday!

June 7th marked my 24th birthday! I actually didn’t have a good day at all. My head had been getting to me and by that evening I was very very depressed. Otherwise it was just like any other day.

I was given many gifts, I always seem to get spoilt. From my parents, I got clothes! 3 sets of leggings from Torrid, a jumer & vest from City Chic, and a jacket from Autograph! My in-laws bought me a PIZZA MAKER! It’s also red, so it fits in with the colour scheme of the kitchen. They also gave me some money, which I spent on some plain long sleeves shirts in purple, grey & black.

Adams present to me was dinner on Saturday. I also recieved a gift voucher for Target from family friends!

I think the card shown was made for me! My in laws bought it for me & I am in love with it! Pop up, pink, black, swirls, polka dots, glitter, SHOES! It’s me in card form!