A whole lot of talk :)

ASOS Curve!

My ASOS Curve order arrived today! You may remember me mentioning that I caved and placed an order. It was  ago, I dropped ASOS an email late last wee as I was getting a little worried, but the response was prompt and nice, explaining that with the recent ash clouds and such shipping overseas seems to have taken a little longer lately. Really, I’m probably just impatient!

I can’t wait to wear these leggings! They are amazing! I tried them on and the material just has a great feel to it! I was a little worried with UK sizing, but the size 22 fit great! I also picked up a sale shirt in a size 24, it’s huge on me, but I’m in love with big baggy shirts at the moment, so I did order it a size larger!

City Chic!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I sent an email to my Mum with a listing of a few items I loved for my birthday. My Mum has a fractured foot at the moment, so she didn’t get online to the next day and everything I wanted was SOLD OUT! Inside I am weeping over the fact that I will never own the spotted heart dress. It wasn’t meant to be. I have learnt, when City Chic have sales on, get in FAST!


Oh Torrid, we go way back. I never really get the chance to make purchases from Torrid due to the crazy shipping prices. I LOVE it when they have a 1/2 price clearance sale & it’s generally when I snap things up. This time, Mum to the rescue got me the follow for my birthday!

Still ends up being just on $60au, but it works out cheaper then full price! Plus, it’s about what you’d pay for 3 pairs of leggings here in Australia!


I’m a death fattie. No surprise there, but I am one of those ‘obese’ people who is sick. I don’t believe being fat goes hand in hand with being sick, and I’ve had a lot of Doctors believe that every single problem I’ve had was because I was fat. Which is INSANE!

For as long as I remember, I’ve always been sick. I pick up anything that seems to go around. On top of that, I’m Diabetic (Diet controlled), have poly cystic ovaries, suffer often from costochondritis, not to mention I have to wonderful combination of being Bipolar & Borderline Personality. Doctors love me!

I’ve finally found a Doctor I like here in Adelaide, and as I’ve been sick the past week, I went and had a visit. I always tend to put things off, because honestly, I’m scared, I don’t want another thing added to the list above. This doctor is great, because she doesn’t think my problem is my weight! I have to go in for blood tests and an ultrasound over the next week.

The main worry has been the fact that I’ve been losing weight like crazy. That’s just not me. I’ve been over the 115kg mark for 8+ years. Mid last year I was at my heaviest 122kg. As of today, I’m 109kg. I’ve lost around 5kg in the past 3 weeks.

I guess I just to have the tests and wait to see if anything shows up. Otherwise, yay for losing weight without doing anything different!!