City Chic

I believe that City Chic is one of Australia’s best Plus Size Fashion retailers. So, of course, a fair amount of my wardrobe is City Chic clothing. It’s pretty on the ball in regards to what is in fashion, and although I often don’t have the money to pay for some of the clothing, I often find myself putting things on layby. Also, when City Chic have a sale, they have a SALE!

I mention this because at the moment City Chic online have a 20% off until Monday the 5th of April!!

 To celebrate, I’ve put together a small outfit post of 2 of my newest City Chic purchases!!


I’m not a big fan of shorts, I admit it, but with a lot of the running around I do at conventions, I wanted something other then pants or tights. I think I tried on every pair of shorts at City Chic & I just couldn’t seem to find a pair that ‘sat right’. Some were too long, others too short. The high waisted ones just looked silly on me. Then I tried these on, and pretty much fell in one. My Mum would tell me they were “Goldilocks”. Just right. I also love the fact that they are so versitile, you can dress them up or down!

Top – Crossroads – XXL
Shorts – City Chic – L
Shoes – Kmart – 9 – They are daggy, but super comfy! Plus, they only cost $6

Top – City Chic – XL
Vest – City Chic – L
Jacket – City Chic – L
Shorts – City Chic – L
Boots – Kmart – 10


I love-love-love these leggings! I’m a huge fan of leggings, they are a prayer for us fatties who often suffer from the chub rub. I actually had a $20 voucher from City Chic for completing a survey, so they ended up only costing me $10!

Long Top – Crossroads – XXL
Belt – City Chic
Leggings – City Chic
Shoes – Zu – 8