• A photo of a sausage dog shaded red dapple dog, with one blue eye, one brown eye.

    Two Years of Toby!

    Two years! Can you believe it?! Around this day 2 years ago, Craig and I went for a drive to a park in the Glass House Mountains, to meet a lady about a dog. We stood in the parking lot marveling at this teeny tiny puppy and decided yep, he’s my boy.  If you’ve been following me for A LONG time, you’d know all about Mr Frodo and how much he meant to me. How heartbroken I was when he passed. Then after some time, how much I wanted a dog. I even wrote a post “When all you want in life is a dog“. I’d been waiting a while,…

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    Happy New Year! Life Update!

    So, no surprise, but I’ve neglected this here little portion of the interweb. I honestly feel blogging is dead and no one really reads these things anymore. Then again, part of me wants to get back into it, if just for me. Find the joy in creating and writing again. Firstly though, I thought i’d do a bit of a life update. My life has changed so much in the past year. Obviously, from my previous post, you know about the major loss of my Sister and Mother. The Move For those who don’t know, I made the move from Melbourne to Queensland over a year ago now. Nothing was…