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Fashion Outfits

Outfit – More Fat Unicorns!

September 19, 2017

ZOMG! Warmer weather! Though by warmer, I mean it’s 22 and i’mΒ not freezing! Anyway, this tunic has been sitting in my basket just begging to be worn. I had planned to style it up for winter, but seeing as the weather was so nice, I thought it was the perfect excuse to get my legs out! I love this print so much. So, so, so, so much. I…

Event Fashion

Melbourne Fashion Week Plus – Show Four

September 8, 2016

Show Four was the last of the shows and took place on Sunday night. It had a much more up beat attitude with the models able to have a lot more fun on the runway. I understand that different types of clothes suit more non-smiling, serious faces, but I just love seeing happy, smiling models. The audience really got into it too! Sprinkle Sprinkle is a Melbourne based…