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    Of life, death & blogging. (May be triggering)

    I often struggle with how much to share on my blog. Everyone has their own idea on what should & shouldn’t be shared. It’s a fine line that I worry about crossing. But why? Isn’t this MY blog? I started this blog for me & it’s grown into what it is today, and I love it. I know I have a mind that over analises things. But I’m an honest person, so why can’t I be honest on my blog when I want to? I guess the main reason is, that I’m scared. The blogging world, while lovely, can be harsh. Owls of Happiness, my friend Lou gave me. They…

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    1 year blogging!

    While I’ve had a livejournal for nearly 10 years now, today marks the one year mark of extralargeaslife.com being open to the public! Woo! I was hoping to hold a give away, but being this close to Christmas, i’m pretty broke, so I shall probably hold one in the new year! (If you are a business & want to help sponcer the giveaway, email me!) For now, have a picture of Frodo & Henry playing!

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    Blogging in Style with Violet!

    Fellow Australian Blogger Violet LeBeaux has recently released an e v-book titled “Blogging in Style with Violet!” This ebook contains 76 pages on how to start and maintain a cute blog! I decided to purchase the e-book in support, and while I already knew 80% of the information, it was a great read! Violet comes across in the e-book as a great girl with a great sense of humour, not to mention the art through out the book is amazing! This book is a great start for anyone interested or just started to blog! It walks you through details of types of blogs, hosting, domain names, layouts & posts. It also…