Blogging in Style with Violet!

Fellow Australian Blogger Violet LeBeaux has recently released an e v-book titled “Blogging in Style with Violet!” This ebook contains 76 pages on how to start and maintain a cute blog!

I decided to purchase the e-book in support, and while I already knew 80% of the information, it was a great read! Violet comes across in the e-book as a great girl with a great sense of humour, not to mention the art through out the book is amazing!

This book is a great start for anyone interested or just started to blog! It walks you through details of types of blogs, hosting, domain names, layouts & posts. It also covers some area’s a lot of people wouldn’t think of including etiquette & copyright.

My favourite part of the book is the photography section! Violet walks you through cameras, lighting techniques & watermarking! She also gives you tips and tricks for photoshop!

I would recommend any blogger to download this ebook, for $8 it’s a great read.

To find out more, visit Violet’s blog HERE, or her store HERE.