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Plus size clothing haul/ unboxing video!

July 27, 2016

Something a little different from me today! A vlog! I decided since I had a pile of parcels to open I’d do a mini haul/ unboxing video! I apologise in advance for the amount of “Ums” I use.

Black Milk – Sporty Stripes in Pink

Boohoo – Jordanna Strappy Mesh Body Suit

Book Depository – Who’s Afraid by Maria Lewis
Be sure to check her out on her website

Forever 21+ – Fox Dress – Lace Dress – Flairs are no longer in stock.

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Louis, of course, decided to help out. Unlike Tonka, he is very cat like and thinks boxes are the best things ever. Especially when he can chew on them, as evidenced above. He doesn’t care about fashion, but he loves the packaging it comes in!

Are more videos something you’d be interested in?

  • great video, love your little helper! I’m curious, what kinda work do you do?

  • Due to my mental health, I’m on a disability pension. I’ve talked a bit about that in some previous posts. Most of this was from money I’d saved over the past few months as I hadn’t bought anything new in ages, and some leftover birthday money.

  • oh gosh I totally wasn’t implying anything about your spending, so sorry it came across that way! You just have a really great presence on camera so i wondered if you worked in PR or event management or something like that x

  • All good! I’ve just had people ask before! No, I used to manage a craft store and I used to work at Conventions for a few years. I do have a bubbly personality, and I do generally get along with people. I also used to run Australias first & biggest Twilight fansite, so had to get used to media a bit as I appeared in some magazines, Newspapers and TV a few times. I think I say UM waaaay too much, but its something I’m working on 😛

  • oh god any tips for stopping um would be great! I interview people and have to listen back to the interviews and transcribe bits i want to write and I say Um constantly (especially when i have no idea what they are talking about and have to pretend like I do! )