Trying to save money when you have a love of passion and pretty things is hard. After paying rent, utilities and buying food, I usually have money to buy one thing & I feel so fortunate for that. Though at the moment, I’m saving for my birthday trip to Tasmania, and saving for a dog. The outcome is worth it, but I do find my wishlist keeps piling up of pretty things I love! SO without further whinging, here is my recent lustlist…


Catch Some Berets Dress – $69.99 US || It’s probably no surprise to you by now that I love some good clothing with animals on it. Not only does it have a cut puppy on it, but I love the red, white and black colour combo!

ASOS Unicorn Mini Bag – A$31.00 || 3 words. Glittery Unicorn Bag. (Actually, by the time this goes live, I’d have already bought it!)

City Chic Midi Spot Skirt – A$79.95 || This is the PERFECT skirt! I tried it on the other day (See HERE) and I felt like crying walking out of the store without it. (I’m wearing a M in the picture)

New Look  Inspire Black Love Slogan Sweater – A$29.00 || I love love and black, so this appeals to me. Plus, I feel i’m probably going to need a few more warmer things for Melbournes Winter!

City Chic Hummingbird Dress – A$99.95 || I have the horse version of this dress they released ages ago (see HERE) and I love it so much. It’s SO comfy and it’s actually really versatile. The colours and print in this one is just as gorgeous!

JAKIMAC Deity Crystal Necklace – A$109.29 || It’s just pretty!

Face of Australia LumiTint (in Santorini Skinny Dip & When in Rome) – A$12.95 || This is Styling You‘s fault. I’m always on the look out for a good illuminator that doesn’t cost a fortune. I can’t wait to pick these up to try.

Melissa Ballet IV in Pink Pearlescent – A$85 || Ahhh, Melissa shoes. So pretty. So comfy. I tried these on recently in a different colour and loved them. I wish they’d had this colour in store.

Chi Chi London Plus Lace Bandeau Prom Dress – A$114.00 || I don’t really have anywhere to wear this dress, but the colour, cut and lace are just such a pretty combination.

Darth Vader Darkside Mini Embossed Bag in Black – $60 || STAR WARS BAG! How awesome is it!?

What is top of your lustlist right now?