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Quick Pics!


 I haven’t done a ‘Quick pics’ post in a while. Basically, it’s just a photo dump of photos that I have on my computer that don’t fit a post, or don’t (usually) get posted to instagram. Just a peak into my life. Life has mostly been about moving & unpacking, which, if i’m being honest with, i’ve only managed around half of so far. I have SO much stuff, but I’m still trying to figure out storage & where to put everything. (Have I mentioned that THIS is the wardrobe I have to work with!)


Anyway, I’ve been getting out and about exploring a little bit. Yesterday I lost my IMAX virginity! I went and watched Interstellar. It was amazing to see it on imax & a really great movie, though I did get a little motion sickness. SPACE, it’s crazy. We are SO tiny.


Whilst walking to the imax, we walked through Carlton Gardens and I couldn’t resist snapping a quick outfit picture in front of the Royal Exhibition building. If you want to know, i’m wearing my Supre crop top under a MYNT1792 dress (more on the dress coming soon!)


These horse drawn carriages are down by Flinders Street station on the weekend (& some nights) and I just love seeing them. I love horses, well, all animals, and just seeing horses somewhat randomly in the city feels like a treat. I’d love to go on these one day.


Fed square! It seems most Melbournians love it, or hate it. It’s a bit weird, but I’ve learnt that that is Melbourne! It’s such a mix of amazing old architecture and then these new modern buildings that have weird quirks! NOTE: I must go and see the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition!!


I kind of feel in love with these lights whilst out the other day! Actually, I fell in love with a LOT of things in Thomas Gannan! If you’re ever in Fitzroy, check it out! I don’t think I could choose just one colour of these though, they look so amazing just sitting next to each other!


Tonka has settled in marvelously! I think he misses getting to play with my parents dogs at times, but he’s just living it up here! Having a full house to run around in, instead of a granny flat makes him extra sleepy!


We have a HUGE back yard that he goes out to explore with his leash on!

What’s new with you!?