4 ways to spoil yourself this Valentine’s Day!


1 –  Relax & Pamper!

Confession, I’ve never been to a beauty spa, never had a proper massage, or facial. I’ve never had a pedicure & I’ve only had a manicure a few times. Use Valentine’s as an excuse to spend more time then usual on yourself. Be it going to a fancy beauty spa, or filling up a bath with Lush goodies and painting your own nails. I know I always feel more relaxed after a nice long soak.

2 – Date yourself!

 A) Take yourself out on the date of your choosing! Maybe go out to dinner (make sure you make reservations though!) or to the movies (I watched Saving Mr Banks recently, and I’d recommend it!).

B) Cook your favourite meal, or order in your fave take out and curl up on the couch and watch your favourite movie, or Gilmore Girls. This is what I will be doing!


3 – Buy yourself a gift!

 Who needs a boy to give you a gift? Not me! I’m all about learning to love yourself, so why can’t I go all the way and buy myself an awesome Valentine’s day gift? I posted a gift guide of some awesome things last week. Wanting something a little more, uh, sexual? I suggest this!

4 – Flowers!

I LOVE flowers, love love love love me some fresh flowers, any excuse for me to buy them, I will. They are just so ridiculously expensive, especially on Valentine’s day! If you don’t mind waiting, my suggestion is to buy them the day after Valentine’s day. There are always sales on left over flower stock!

So, what are your plans for Valentine’s day?