My animals are my babies, and I just have to say, I feel so thankful for Tonka coming into my life. Sure, he’s frustrating. He is an escape artist, he learns pretty quickly how to open doors and even how to undo some locks. He is forever talking, I could have full conversations with him, but I don’t know if either of us understand each other. Sometimes I swear he says ‘Mum’ or ‘No’.

My Mum & I, along with Frodo, Tonka & Emily went and camped out at our new place to get some painting done. It was the first time Tonka had been to #thedarlingden, but he settled in straight away. Took the 20 minute drive there and back like a champ. Compaired to some of the horror stories I’ve heard about some cats, he’s amazingly well behaved. Have you checked out Cat Shaming? I lost hours on that site the other day! Tonka’s would read “I like to climb up as high as I can get and throw up over the edge onto the floor.”Or his latest, he stole my hand towel and dragged it into his kitty litter box. Why? Who knows? Maybe he wanted a brand new, never used hand towel to wipe his bum on! Cats!

The best of all though, is how much he loves Frodo. While Frodo gives him the odd lick and loves to snuggle up to him, you can openly see that Tonka thinks Frodo is the best thing ever. Which is great, because I too think Frodo is mighty amazing.

Tell me about your fur babies! How are they!?