Hair & Beauty

Paint It Black

It’s been a while since I even considered black lipstick. It’s not so secret I was a bit of a teenage goth, and I think some of that sense of fashion will be forever ingrained into me. When I was younger, I’d often spend afternoons playing around with make up in front of the mirror, I used to want to be a make up artist.

I was bored last night and decided to try out some black lipstick I bought last year. It’s not something I think I’d feel comfortable wearing out on a normal basis, maybe a fancy dress party, but not everyday. I do like the contrast between the pale skin and dark lips though.

Wearing: Covergirl clean pressed powder in 105 Ivory |  Models Prefer eye shadow palette | Bourjois Paris Talons Alguilles mascara | Manic Panic Lipstick in Raven

Have you ever rocked Black Lipstick?