Quick Pics!

Frodo is doing okay. He’s been restless of a night and keeping me awake. Every sound he makes I automatically wake up. The other night it seems the medication gave him wind, I ended up having to go and sleep on the couch. He’s being sookier then normal, if that is even possible.

Amusing, yet bad picture of Ginny and I. Of course, since Frodo has been getting more ‘attention’ Ginny has been demanding more. Well, she seems to be in the frame of mind ‘Any attention is good attention’ and pooped in the kitchen! Argh! She’s a annoying little diva on the best of days!

Frodo doesn’t like his photo taken on the best of days, and every time the camera comes out, he hides now. Doesn’t want me to get a picture of the awkward way his leg looks. Ginny however, is more then happy to pose! It’s been chilly here and they’ve been wanting to have their coats on.

And an old pictures, taken probably around 18 months ago. Between looking after Frodo, making sure Ginny isn’t getting into any mischief and trying to do some freelance work, I’ve been too busy to do anything!


Thank you to everyone who has donated money to help with Frodo’s vet bills! We’ve raised $115 so far, the vet called today & the blood test came back good, except for one of his liver emzines are a little high, nothing to worry about though. So next week we will book him in for his X-Rays!