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    Aitutaki – The Vaka Cruise – Part One

    I usually don’t do very picture heavy posts, but I find that when it comes to going through my pictures from Aitutaki, that I just can’t seem to cull them down. As it is, i’m trying to keep posts to around 10 pictures, and then splitting them into 2 parts for those larger days. Day 4 on the island saw us go on the Vaka Cruise. This took us out on the lagoon visiting some snorkeling hot spots, and a couple of islands, finishing on One Foot Island. The trip was 6 hours, included lunch & cost $99nz, which I thought was a pretty good price. Clam! There is something just so…

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    Aitutaki – Day 1 & 2

    I like flying, for some reason, it’s something I really enjoy and something I miss, so I was actually rather excited about going on my longest plane flight. It took around 6 hours to fly from Sydney to Rarotonga, and while I usually sleep no problems on planes I didn’t sleep at all. I did get to watch 2 movies though. We flew over the international date line, so I can now add ‘time traveler’ to my resume. The first thing I noticed once getting off the plane at Raro was that it was humid. The air was fresh but it felt like I was breating in clouds. Then I looked…

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    I’m back! (Vision Direct Competition Winner)

    I’m back from Aitutaki! I got in early Friday morning and i’m still trying to settle back into my old routine. I miss the island so very much! I have so much to update you all on, the animals, the scenery, my hospital visit! I’m still trying to get it all together into a somewhat sorted way. Is there anything you’d like to know in particular? Also, I’ve drawn the winner for the $150 Vision Direct voucher, and the winner is Connie Helen Neesham. You’ve been sent an email, so make sure you reply!

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    Adventure time!

    I think it really hit me yesterday, that I’m going to be spending 2 weeks on an island in the middle of the ocean. 2 weeks, on an island, where all I can see is sea. With little internet access. Que me freaking out a little. I know i’ll be okay, when I visit my parents holiday place I have hardly any internet access. I tend to just relax, read, and nap a lot. I know i’m slightly addicted to the internet, to social media, to being connected, and I know this will probably stress me at times, but I can do it. Though, I am still going to be…