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    Outfit flashback – Blue

    Yes, these are old photos. Colourful hair on the pools edge. Thing is, you know how I’m clumsy? Well, i’ve done it again! I’ve managed to hurt myself, my elbow this time! Yet to go to the doctors, but i’m struggling to do anything with one arm, and that includes getting dressed! So I’m sharing an outfit post, from around the same time last year! I’m really missing my colourful hair! These pictures are from an Aussie Curves post too, the theme being, yep, you guessed it, BLUE! This weeks AC theme is Pink. I’m hoping to be able to get some pics taken by the end of the week.…

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    Swimwear ideas for Summer!

    Its starting to warm up here in Sydney. I’m talking about 32°c and it’s only Spring! It’s had me dreaming of swimming pools, and the beach & i’m not even a beach person, unless it’s the lagoon shores in Aitutaki. That of course leaves you needing swimsuits, and being plus size, it can sometimes be a hassle finding the combination of something you like in your size. Not to mention, for some ladies, finding something that is practical and supportive for your boobs. So lets take a moment and talk plus size swimwear! Swimwear Plus – Swimwear Plus – Autograph – Autograph Personally, I tend to gravitate towards skirted or…

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    Aussie Curves – Animal Instinct

    I actually had a lot of trouble for this weeks theme of ‘Animal Instinct’ . This is the 2nd outfit I took photos of, and to be honest, i’m not really sure I like this one much. I love that each week you can interpret the theme in so many different ways. So, while mine isn’t overly obvious, to me, it’s still inspired by ‘animal instinct’. I figured since we just passed into the Chinese New Year, the year of the Snake, i’d take inspiration from that. Not to mention that pythons are actually my favourite animals! Yep. I’ve always had a love and fascination of snakes. I’d love to own one eventually. Jumper…

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    Weekly Wishlist

    ASOS – Premium gem necklace – $85 New Look – Floral print peplum dress – £27.99 Dream Diva – Ribbon detail skirt – $59.00 ASOS – Lace cat ears – $17 ASOS Curve – Metallic Blazer – $110.50 ASOS – Floral and jewel drop earring – $12.75 ASOS Curve – Leather skater skirt – $136 Forever New – Kitty Kat Teck case – $39.99 Autograph – Floral Print Tunic – $69.99 New Look – Silver Coated knitted jumper – £29.99 Forever New – Princess embellished sandal – $69.99

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    In the dressing room – Autograph Love!!

    This ‘In the dressing room’ post is only one outfit, but what a doozy of an outfit it is. I was pretty gutted, that even with the current 30% off sale I couldn’t justify the purchase. I did get a comment on my facebook to buy a 2nd hand lounge instead of saving for a new one, that way I could buy new clothes! 😛 When you fall in love with an outfit, like I did with this one, it’s very tempting! I originally only picked up these 3/4 pants to try on with the top, as what I was wearing wasn’t suitable, but I’m all sorts of crazy about them. You…